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At PHD we like to be transparent and detailed when it comes to our pricing structure, therefore you will find a full breakdown of all pricing under the above menu's.
NB! Pricing reflected under "Foiling Services" are excluding the colour product please go to "Colour Services" to add colour to your foils.
All Stylists at PHD will always give you a detailed quote and work within your beauty budget before commencing with any work.

Strict Terms of Payment


All services provided as well as products sold to regular patrons of PHD are done on a COD basis only, which requires you as our guest to pay in full on completion. PHD management does not allow for any accounts or terms of payment. New customers of PHD can be requested to pay a deposit or pay in full before any extensive appointment is performed at the discretion of management and will depend on the service and or products being purchased. The deposit will be anything from 25%-50% of the total cost depending on total service total.
The Management of PHD retains the right to cancel any scheduled appointment if above payment terms are not met.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and or cash payments.